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All of the quotes below have been taken from the many letters, and cards of thanks, that Eckling Grange receives on a regular basis. All relate to the last six months and the majority have been received since our last inspection.

All of the names mentioned have been removed for the sake of privacy but the originals are held on file. 


Written by a bungalow resident December 2016

"We just wanted to say a very big thank you for all you do for us to make Eckling Grange such a delightful place to live. Your generosity and care shown to us all is quite amazing. Thank you to everyone for creating a truly loving Christian environment. May you and all the staff flourish in our deep appreciation and Jesus lovely, love. Happy New Year"

Written by a current resident December 2016

"Thank you for your love, care and support throughout the year, particularly over the Christmas period. It is sincerely appreciated. God Bless you all and a Happy New Year."

Written by a bungalow resident December 2016

"We are just back from the Grange Christmas Party and we would like to warmly thank everyone for the Party and the whole Christmas programme. It is a joy to belong to a Christian community led by fun loving management who with their staff, care for us all and who gives to us all a sense of belonging to a family and encourages us to care for one another. With renewed thanks"

Written by a residents daughter December 2016

"Thinking of you all this Christmas time and remembering the excellent care and kindness given to my Mother xxxxxxx. Thank you to those who came to her funeral, this was much appreciated."

Written by a residents son November 2016

"I am writing to thank you once again for the wonderful care Mum received at Eckling Grange in the two years or so she was with you until her death in August 2016. As I said at the time, there is something very special about the loving, caring culture at the Grange, which I have not found anywhere else to the same degree in my experience of other care homes and extra-care sheltered housing schemes. You and your management team must take credit for engendering and maintaining this culture but, of course, it is up to the staff to deliver this consistently on a daily basis."

Written by a residents daughter October 2016

"I do so appreciate your kind attention to mother and consideration of myself. I am deeply appreciative of what you and your staff both advised and organized at this time. Once again do thank the staff for their help and as always I am grateful to you and God for your attention when necessary and the enjoyable times to."

Written by a residents friend November 2016

"I just wanted to say, I came to visit my dear friend xxxxxxa few weeks ago. I was so impressed with your home, having visited quite a few in the past and working voluntarily with people with dementia, as well as caring for my Mother, I know a good place when I see one. It was so bright and fresh. Everyone seemed so committed to care and interesting activities. I only wish I didn’t live so far away. I may never see xxxxxx again but I rest in the knowledge that she is in good hands. God bless you all.. " 

Written by a residents son November 2016

"Thank you for the care and kindness you showed to xxxxxx during her time at Eckling Grange. She really loved it here and her last three years were very happy. We appreciate all you did for her both before and after her death. With warm wishes"

Written by a residents son Sept 2016

"Please could you pass on our families sincere thanks to all the staff at Eckling Grange who made my Dad's last couple of months so incredibly more worthwhile than if he had tried to cope at home or had been taken into hospital. Everyone who visited Dad was so impressed not only with the home but also of the high degree of care that was always offered to my Dad, and it was always such a comfort knowing that he was so well looked after."

Written by a residents friend August 2016

"We would just like to sincerely thank all the staff for all that they did yesterday to make xxxxxx 100th birthday celebration such a success. We are grateful for all that was done and we were very happy to be there."

Written by a residents son August 2016

"Please pass on our thanks to all of the staff at Eckling Grange who cared for xxxxxx during the last two years of her life. We were touched by their gentleness and compassion when attending to her needs. We would also like to make a special mention to the carers who looked after xxxxxx during her last few days. We cannot count the number of times she was kissed and told she how much she was loved by your wonderful staff. Thank you also for the wonderful support offered to us during a very difficult time. We will always be glad that we chose Eckling Grange for xxxxxx final home on earth."

Written by a residents son June 2016

"On behalf of Dad's family, I wanted to write to express my appreciation for the way in which my father was cared for during his time at Eckling Grange. As you may know, Dad first entered a Care Home in January 2014 before transferring to yourselves in April of that year. We made a decision to relocate Dad after such a short time in his initial Care Home because we felt that he would benefit from an environment that could cater for his deeply held Christian beliefs. I am so pleased to say that not only was that decision the right one but that we also made an excellent choice for his new Home.

Apart from, or more accurately because of, the Christian ethos of Eckling Grange Dad was treated with respect and dignity and I always felt that all decisions and actions that concerned him were taken with his best interests at heart. I cannot speak highly enough of the individuals who cared and supported him on a day to day basis and who so cheerfully and practically saw to his every day needs. Knowing that he was safe and in a caring environment was of great benefit to his family.

I would also like to say that as a family we were grateful for the way in which we felt included in Dad's on going care. We appreciated the regular communication that took place whether this concerned administrative matters or issues more directly relating to his welfare. It was reassuring to know that you were aware of our needs as well as those of our father. Yours sincerely on behalf of the family

Written by a residents friend June 2016

"This is a letter to thank you both and your staff for the thoughtful and loving care you have given to xxxxxx over many years. I know it was appreciated. Yours very sincerely."

Written by a relatives daughter June 2016

"This comes with many thanks. We really appreciate the attention and patience shown towards Mum during her stay at Eckling Grange. Love from all the family."

Written by a residents husband June 2016

"I would like to place on record my grateful thanks to all Staff at Eckling Grange for the Care you gave to my wife xxxxxx during the past nine months. I shall always remember when we first arrived at the Main building to be greeted by a smiling xxxxxx who quickly arranged xxxxxx arrival. Meanwhile I had to go round to the Wing with her belongings where her room had been prepared. It all happened so quickly, but before I left I caught a glimpse of xxxxxx arm in arm with her Carer, both smiling. I left with mixed feelings, saddened that xxxxxx had to leave home but heartened by an image I shall never forget.

During my many visits to the Wing I became aware of the quality of Care provided and the support accorded to xxxxxx, whether it be the Medical, Dementia Care, Domestic, Kitchen or Laundry staff; of the leadership and teamwork of each Shift at all hours day or night and I have nothing but admiration for the Professionalism and skills you have all shown in a particularly demanding Profession.

However, through xxxxxx I witnessed much more than that, I saw the dedication, care and compassion you all give freely. The patience and understanding you show, always ready and willing to help those in need at anytime and always with a smile, all of which must take a special sort of person. I came to regard you all as one family, all loyal and supporting each other which I believe is your strength and I wish you all well in your future careers.

I am sure all the assistance, help and words of comfort you have given me isn't in your job description and so I hope I shall have the opportunity of thanking you all personally in the near future. I can honestly say it's been a great privilege for me to have met you all. Thank you and God Bless

Written by a resident’s daughter May 2016

"On behalf of my Sisters and Mother I am writing to thank you and your wonderful team for the care and love you have shown to my Father during the past two and a half months.

From the moment my husband and I looked round, we knew that Eckling Grange was the place we wanted dad to live, at the end of his life. Xxxxx showed us round and was so warm and encouraging in everything she said, it made the Wing seem like a happy bungalow for family. Xxxxx was wonderful in letting us know that a room had become available and is holding the room open for us. Thank you, xxxxx for allowing us to hold the room for six weeks in order to get dad ready.

xxxxx, you have created a team of people who are both professional and caring. When dad came back to the Wing from his stay in hospital, it really was like bringing him home. The Wing is so calm, the fresh air blowing through the open doors, the water feature in the sunshine glistening as the water flows, the music wafting around from the lounge, all of these things make the Wing a home.

Your care team who have to deal with so many different changing situations every day, always treated dad with respect and dignity. Both of my sister and I always felt welcome. Carer always said hello and offered us drinks. They had time to talk with us and try to get to know what Dad was like before the cruelty of Vascular Dementia. The catering team were patient and kind when dad didn’t know if he wanted food and they made him smile. I always left the Wing to return to Norwich feeling very confident that Dad was in good hands.

At the end xxxxx, on the last two days I particularly want to thank you and the wonderful carers who helped me get through dads last hours. This was a very special time for Dad and me and I will never forget how lovely you all were to both of us. Dad is at peace and I know that, if he were able, he would have thanked you all too. Thank you all very much.

Written by a relative’s daughter May 2016

"Thank you all for the love and care you gave to Mum throughout her time with you at Eckling Grange. Thank you also for the kindness and support you gave us, xxxxx family. We always felt welcome to visit Mum and we will never forget the help you gave us as well as Mum during her last few weeks."

Written by a volunteer April 2016

"I have truly enjoyed every minute of volunteering and being able to work with a lovely team of people. I will miss everyone, including all of the residents who have been so kind to me during these past months."

Written on behalf of a resident’s family April 2016

"We would like to thank all the staff at Eckling Grange for the excellent care my mother received over the years and particularly in the last few days. Thank you again. "

Written by a resident’s daughter April 2016

"Thank you all for everything you did to make our Dad so happy living at Eckling Grange. We thought yesterday’s thanksgiving service was wonderful and pleased so many folk were there. As a family we are not just grateful for the care you gave to Dad but also to all of us. Your loving kindness will never be forgotten. Thank you all again on behalf of the family."

Written by a resident’s daughter April 2016

"Thank you to all the wonderful staff for the extra care given to Dad while he’s been ill, so good to know he is so well looked after and happy. Thank you to everyone for making our Dad’s last few years such happy ones. Eckling Grange is a magical happy home with care of the highest standard and it was good comfort to know he was being so well cared for and enjoying life. Dad always spoke so highly of you and his fellow residents."

Written by a resident’s wife April 2016

"Thank you for all the loving care that you and the whole staff have given xxxxx over the last 6 months, especially being able to take xxxxx straight from the hospital - I do praise and thank the Lord for how He has been with us since xxxxx fall - he seems really content in the wing which means I don't worry about him when I'm at home."

Written by a training provider April 2016

"It really was a privilege to see a little of Eckling: it seems such a proper, realistic (ie not synthetic) living community and the staff I met are just great. It gave me hope to think that such a place might exist when I take the next step in life!"

Written by a resident’s son April 2016

"I just wanted to say, on behalf of Mum, my brother and sister, a very big thank you for all you've done to help us through this period in regard to establishing the on-going funding for Mum's care. We are very grateful to you, for your support and encouragement. We've all been very happy with the level of care Mum has received these past 4 years and also for the Christian fellowship she has been able to participate in, which is so much a part of her life and who she is. Thanks again."

Written by a resident’s son March 2016 

"Thank you so much for all the care you gave to Mum over the last three years, and especially over the last weeks of her life when you kept her so comfortable. I shall miss coming to see you all when I visited her."

Written by a resident’s daughter March 2016 

"Thanks to everyone for looking after her so well."

Written by a resident’s son whose parents both lived at Eckling Grange March 2016 

"I am writing on behalf of the family to thank you and you staff for the tremendous support which we have received during the last few weeks, following our mother’s passing away.

It was helpful to be able to ‘come and go’ as we pleased and we appreciate the help in order to ensure that dad was ready for mothers funeral. We would like to make particular mention of the kind and considered support given to dad by the 2 carers who accompanied him throughout the funeral.

They were meticulous in their personal care and kept dad fully engaged with the event. Please pass on our thanks. Once again thanks for the help given to us all at this challenging family time and also for the ongoing care and support being provided for dad, as he adjusts to his new circumstance.

Written by a resident’s daughter March 2016

"This comes with many thanks to you and all of your staff for their outstanding kindness and regards they have always shown to mum and all of our family."

Written by a resident’s Family member March 20165 

"On behalf of xxxxx family I would like to thank you and Eckling Grange for giving xxxxx and xxxxx such a loving place to live in for so long. I would also like to thank the team for making us feel so welcome. Our sincere thanks to everyone at Eckling Grange, it’s hard to imagine a finer retirement /care home."

Written by a bungalow resident’s daughter March 2016 

"I would like to thank your staff for keeping an eye on my Dad this week. We had been worried that he was becoming frailer last week, but he seems to have picked up.

He says he has started to wear his pendant on the advice of staff, which is more than he has done on my advice. The main thing is that your intervention has increased his awareness of its usefulness and the fact that he can ask for help. Many thanks for all your help in keeping Dad independent, which is very important to him.

Written by a visiting health professional March 2016 

"The care at Eckling Grange appears excellent and they are ensuring that the pressure is alleviated and Mrs xxxxx is turned regularly which hopefully will help the healing."

Written by a relative’s sister March 2016 

"To all the staff at Eckling Grange I would like to thank you all for looking after my sister and for the lovely service you gave her on her passing. Thank you very much."

Written by a resident’s daughter February 2016 

"Thank you and the team for making Mums stay at Eckling Grange so happy. You know how much she appreciated being there."

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